"Compact" Glove Box
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The #830-Series of glove boxes has been developed to minimize drafts and maximize the effectiveness of your analytical balance. All units feature high visibility of the interior, cleanliness, safety, complete containment, portability, and a draft free atmosphere.

These compact glove boxes are available in four (4) user friendly sizes. They are excellent for use in hazardous situations where materials to be weighed must be contained. The chamber is ideal for determining the dry weight measure or moisture content of aqueous solutions, adhesives, cereals, toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper, plastics, and light radio active materials. All units minimize product degradation caused by moisture absorption.

They may also be used when working with toxic substances, asbestos fibers, sewage residue, and harmful liquid vapors.

NOTE: These units are not recommended for use with aromatic hydrocarbons.

When working with analytical balances, top loaders, bench scales, and/or moisture analyzers, we recommend placing those items upon a marble block for added stability. Special access doors are available if transfer chambers are not desired.  

Visit the 810-Series glove box for transfer chamber AND flat side access door for introducing large equipment into the glove box. 

Standard Features of the 830-Series:


  •  Clear acrylic plastic main body (3/8” [10 mm] thick).
  •  Removable top section for easy installation of equipment.
  •  Four (4) key cock valves for purging. Two (2) on the main body and two (2) on the transfer chamber.
  •  All clamps adjustable to compensate for normal wear.
  •  White ambidextrous Hypalon™ gloves for superior chemical and U.V. resistance.
  •  Hospital grade multiple electrical outlet (socket) strip. UL, CSA, and CE approved.
  •  Small pressure relief “pop” valve minimizes glove “fightback.”
  •  Transfer chamber is 12” (305 mm) long x 11” (280) I.D.
  •  Standard 24 month warranty (Not gloves or consumables).
  •  Small replaceable H.E.P.A. and organic vapor canister filter. Face mask style. Refer to #830-FILTER on this page.

830-Filter and pop-valve

Reorder HEPA canister:  Buy Now

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Inside Dimensions:
28"w x 23"d x 29"
710mm x 580mm x 740mm
Outside Dimensions, (includes 12" long transfer chamber.)
43" x 24"d x 31"h
1,100mm x 610mm x 790mm
Approximate Volume:
10.8 Cu. Ft.
306 Liters
Approximate Shipping Weight:
300 lbs.         137 kilos
Top Opening:
17" x 23"
432mm x 585mm



Inside Dimensions:
35"w x 29" x 30h
890mm x 740mm x 760mm
Outside Dimensions, (includes 12" long transfer chamber.)
49"w x 30"d x 31"h
1,250mm x 760mm x 790mm h
Approximate Volume:
17.6 Cu. Ft.
498 Liters
Approximate Shipping Weight:
380 lbs.         173 kilos
Top Opening:
24" x 29"
610mm x 735mm



Inside Dimensions:
48"w x 29"d x 32"h
1,220mm x 740mm x 810mm h
Outside Dimensions, (includes 12" long transfer chamber.)
63"w x 31"d x 35" h
1,600mm x 790mm x 860mm
Approximate Volume:
25.8 Cu. Ft. 
730 Liters
Approximate Shipping Weight:
440 lbs.        200 Kilos
Top Opening:
24" x 42"
620mm x 1,065mm



Inside Dimensions:
60"w x 29"d x 32"h
1,524mm x 740mm x 810mm h
Outside Dimensions, (includes 12" long transfer chamber.)
76"w x 32"d x 35" h
1,930mm x 812mm x 890mm h
Approximate Volume:
32.2 Cu. Ft.
912 Liters
Approximate Shipping Weight:
475 lbs.         216 Kilos
Top Opening:
24" x 54"
610mm x 1,370mm

Electrical requirements

silhouette of the united states
North American
Model Number:  830-Series
Electrical Requirements:  115-120 Volts, 60 Hz. 12 Amps
silhouette of the globe
Model Number:  830-Exp Series
Electrical Requirements:  220-240 Volts, 50 Hz. 5 Amps.

HEPA Filtration Options

We offer three (3) models of the #830-SERIES glove boxes featuring HEPA filtration packages. There are two (2) different versions available.  NOTE: All three models include the same basic #810-Series features and are available in four (4) sizes. 

“Closed Loop Style” CLC Style.
This system continually re-circulates and filters the
internal atmosphere of the glove box. It is a negative pressure containment unit. Magnehelic™ gauges indicate both inner chamber pressure and pressure drop levels across the filters. These gauges indicate when it is time to change the HEPA filters. Add 15.5” (395 mm) to the overall height of this style glove box.
What’s included with the “Closed Loop” CLC-Style glove box:
  •  Totally enclosed blower (fan) unit.
  •  Two (2) cylindrical 8” inch Ø (203 mm) HEPA filters.
  •  Two (2) Magnehelic gauges. Domestic models in Inches of H2O and Export in Pascals.
  •  All necessary hoses and connections.
  •  Non-Hydroscopic pre-filters.
  •  Standard 24 month warranty (Not gloves or consumables).
“Open Exhaust Style” (Two filter versions)
These glove boxes draw the ambient room atmosphere through a HEPA filter and then into the chamber. Both versions are set up for negative pressure operations. Exhaust atmosphere is filtered through a HEPA or 5μ (micron) glass media filter. The “open exhaust” outlet can be set up to connect to your house exhaust system. Please specify a #800-VENT outlet accessory.


Single HEPA Filtration. Provides HEPA filtered air into OR out of the glove box.


Double HEPA Filtration system continuously circulated the internal atmosphere through two (2) 8" round HEPA filters.


Closed-Loop, Double HEPA filtration system continuously circulates the internal atmosphere through two (2) 8" round HEPA filters.

Compact Glove Box additional variations

The #830-SERIES of glove boxes can be modified to create different variations.
Access doors can be substituted for transfer chambers. Sizes of the doors vary according to the size of the glove box. 
Exhaust (4” [102 mm] Ø) vents may also be added for connecting to your house exhaust system. 
Square (box type) transfer chambers can be substituted for cylindrical (round) ones. Square transfer chambers have pressure limitations however. NOTE: The maximum working pressure on the square transfer chambers is 6” of WC (150 mm). It is not engineered to support negative pressure.
We now offer a new automatic door locking system for these transfer chambers. Catalog #800-DOOR/ILOCK. 


830-CP Options

The Plas-Labs' "830-CP" Series offers the option for a flat side access door and/or a non-HEPA filtered 4" vent outlet.  If a flat side access door AND transfer chamber is desired, view our 810-Series glove box. 


With vent and flat side access door.

Dimensions:  29 x 23 x 30" high
Access Door:  15 x 22" high


With flat side access door only, (no vent).

Dimensions: 29 x 23 x 30" high
Access door:  15 x 22" high


Larger size.  With flat side access door, (no vent).

Dimensions:  35 x 29 x 30" high
Access door:  21.5 x 21.5" high



With three (3) gloves, flat side access door, and vent.

Dimensions:  40 x 29 x 32" h
Access door:  21.5 x 24" high

Custom Capabilities


Plas-Labs is committed to providing high quality research equipment at a fair price. We realize that unique research protocols may require individualized equipment. We offer the following special services:
  •  Design Engineering.
  •  Custom Service/Maintenance Schedules.
  •  CAD Drawings.
  •  New Product Development.
  •  Customized Operator Manuals.
  •  F.A.T. Documentation.
  •  I.Q. & O.Q. Documentation.
  •  Third Party Certification.
  •  On Site Training.
  •  Various Materials of Construction, Eg., Light Sensitive Protection, Stainless Steel, Static-Dissipative Acrylic, Clear PVC, and PETG.
For more information on our custom capabilies, please contact us.