Double HEPA Filtered, Closed-Loop Containment Isolator

2 year warranty badge

The #870-CLC “Closed Loop” Isolator is a completely automated negative pressure containment glove box.

The system is engineered and programmed to maintain a slight negative working pressure to ensure containment of your specimens (-0.5” of H2O). The internal atmosphere is continually filtered by two (2) HEPA filters. Filters are rated at 99.9997% efficiency and can be changed over from within the isolator for safety. During change over, contaminated filters do not come into direct contact with the operator.

These isolators may be coupled together in train for multiple station work processes. They can be set up for up to four (4) sets of glove ports (operators). Two operators on both the front and back walls.

Stainless steel support cart with locking casters INCLUDED!

Standard Features of the Double HEPA Filtered, Closed-Loop Containment Isolator:

  •  Effective containment of potentially hazardous toxins, organisms, and other materials etc.
  •  A completely sealed containment unit with automatic negative pressure control.
  •  Large, easy to read control panel with digital controllers and bright LED status lights.
  • • Easy (and safe) to change, inlet and outlet HEPA filters.  Filters can be incinerated after use.
  •  Easy to clean highly radiused corners.
  •  Stainless steel support cart (trolley) with gas tank support tracks for safety. 
  •  Clear plastic top and bottom section. Bottom is formed of high impact resistant plastic.
  •  “Bright Light” illumination system with a 40,000 hour lamp guarantee.
  •  Two (2) pairs of white ambidextrous Hypalon™ gloves.
  •  Manual house exhaust valve for emergency venting of the isolator.
  •  Electrical outlet (socket) strip (UL, CSA, & CE).
  •  Four (4) ground key cock valves for purging.
  •  Standard twenty-four (24) month warranty. (Not gloves or consumables).

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Inside Dimensions:
57"w x 35"d x 27"h
1,423mm x 890mm x 690mm h
Outside Dimensions, (width includes transfer chamber 12" long)
82"w x 47"d x 53"h
2,080mm x 1,190mm x 1,350mm
Approximate Volume:
40 Cubic Feet.         1,157 Liters
Approximate shipping weight, (includes isolator and cart)
870-CLC          615 Pounds / 279 Kilos
Cart (trolley):    310 Pounds / 141 Kilos

Electrical requirements

silhouette of the united states
North American
Model Number:  870-Series
Electrical Requirements:  
115-120 Volts, 60 Hz. 12 Amps
silhouette of the globe
Model Number:  870-Exp Series
Electrical Requirements:
220-240 Volts, 50 Hz. 5 amps.

For smaller options, our 830-CLC series is available in four (4) standard sizes, plus customization.  The 830-CLC series includes several of the same features as the 870-CLC:

  • Double HEPA Filtered closed-loop containment. 
  • Electrical outlet strip.
  • HEPA filter change-out from inside the isolator, so the operator is not exposed to the dirty filter.
  • Pre-filters.
  • Transfer chamber
  • Valves for purging.  
  • Operates under a slight negative pressure for safety. 

Stainless steel cart is NOT included with the 830-CLC Series glove box. 

You can view the 830-CLC Series here.