The Catalyst Heater Function
Each PLAS-LABS' anaerobic chamber includes a programmable catalyst heater unit.

The catalyst heater has two main functions. It reduces trace amounts of Oxygen and it maintains the correct incubation temperature level for cultivating anaerobes (35 to 39 degrees C).

1.  800-HEATER, Catalyst Heater Unit Maintains correct incubation temperature levels and helps reduce trace amounts of Oxygen in the glove box.

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2.  The thermocouple is for temperature sensing. Place thermocouple at your desired height inside chamber.


3.  800-PC Palladium Canister filled with 1/2 Lb. of Palladium (Pd). Canisters sold separately. Canisters can be recharged by baking in a hot oven.

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The heater draws the internal atmosphere off the floor and pushes it up across heating elements and Palladium pellets. Any trace amounts of Oxygen are then reduced into water ( H2O) vapor. The Drying Train #800-DT  removes the vapor as needed.