Guinea Pig Restrainers


These clear acrylic restrainers provide complete visual awareness and status of your valuable animal. The plastic is warm to the touch and eliminates the problem of hypothermia.

Included with each restrainer are adjustable head restraint bars, an adjustable back “butt” plate, a stainless steel locking adjustment pin for the neck stock (three [3] positions), and an adjustable formed back support to minimize broken backs.

Also included is a non-slip floor material to provide secure animal footing and calm the animal. If required, specific (custom) modifications are available.

Standard Features of the Guinea Pig Restrainers:

  • Highly polished edges prevent chafing, especially at the neck.
  •  Non-slip surface provides better footing and helps to calm animal. This is much safer and easier on the animal’s foot pads.
  • Clear acrylic aids in retaining body warmth. Hypothermia is eliminated.
  • Unique curved back butt plate minimizes the risk of back injury. The plate is anatomically correct.
  • Vertical head bars are adjustable and easily removable if not needed.
  • Rear access hole for pyrogen testing (N/A on 501-TC).
  • Stainless steel pin offers several fine adjustment points for neck plate.
  • Unit can be sanitized in a cage washer up to 180 degrees F° (82°C) or sterilized chemically.
  • Non-slip base pads ensure unit stability.

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Catalog Number Animal Age Dimensions Animal Weight Range  
535-GP/S 5 weeks old 10cm x 17.75 cm long 300 to 350 grams 535_GPS.jpg
535-GP/M 10 weeks old 11.1 cm x 20.5 cm long 500 to 600 grams 535_GPM.jpg


Electrical requirements

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North America:  NONE

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Export:  NONE

535-Series Features


Close-up of rear butt plate.


Close-up of front.  NOTE:  Locking pin and
head positioning bars.




Side view.  NOTE:  Black adjustable knobs for back plate.