Carts / Trolleys

Adjustable Height Carts
These carts are very useful for increasing portability and laboratory space.
All carts have anti-scuff casters including brakes and locks. Carts also feature a cushioning system that minimizes vibration, shocks, and wear and tear on chambers.

The Plas-Labs' lift carts are quick and quiet.  The height adjusts from 25" to 50".  Weight capacity is
440 lbs.  

Different sizes are availabe to accommodate different Plas-Labs' products.  

Model Number:        Table top dimensions:            For Plas-Labs' Glove box:
CART-LIFT/GB           35.25"wide x 31.5" deep.        810-SG10, 830-ABC, 818-GB, 855-AC, 857-OTA
CART-LIFT/ABB.        43" wide x 31.5" deep.             810-SG20 and 830-ABB
CART-LIFT/ABD.        59" wide x 31.5" deep              810-SG30 and 830-ABD
CART-LIFT/GBB.        70.75" wide x 31.5" deep.        818-GBB, 830-ABE, 810-SG40, 855-ACB, 850-NBB