Illuminated Tail Injection Cone

PLAS-LABS now offers an “Illuminated Rodent Tail Vein Injection Cone”. The new 562-IRC features our “Bright Light” illumination system with rechargeable batteries and recharge unit, clear plastic tail insertion cone, formed white base with suction cup “non-slip” feet, housing batteries, on/off switch, lights, and an electrical plug for recharging the batteries (100-240 VAC capacity.)

The 562-IRC "Illuminated Tail Injection Cone can be purchased directly from
the PLAS-LABS' web store here:  Web Store

Standard Features of the 562-IRC:

  • Clear plastic tail insertion cone.
  • Formed white plastic base containing batteries, “on / off” switch, and lights.
  •  Base used for recharging batteries. Two (2) included with system.
  •  Electrical plug for recharging batteries. (100 to 240 Volt capacity.)

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Catalog Number: 562-IRC
Cone Dimensions:
5.75” long x 5” high x 4” opening
Total Footprint Size:
8.5” x 10” (216mm x 254mm)
Light bulb warranty: 30,000 hours
Animal Weight Range:
Mice: 15 to 30 grams
Rats: 500 to 600 grams

862-IRC in ON position

862-IRC in OFF position

Electrical requirements

silhouette of the united states
North American model:  562-IRC
Recharging Batteries:
100 to 240 Volt capacity.
silhouette of the globe
Export Model: 562-IRC/Exp
Recharging Batteries:
100 to 240 Volt capacity
Non-Illuminated Rodent Injection Cone, see our 561-RC
This device is relatively new on the research scene. It is extremely useful for large quantity sampling where high speed and efficiency are required. It is completely transparent, durable, and easy to clean, suction cup feet offer a secure work device.