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​​​​​​​PLAS-LABS is excited to announce the arrival of our new PCR Chamber. The 36" wide 825-PCR/HEPA/36 is latest product to the line of PLAS-LABS' PCR Chambers.  The 825-PCR/HEPA/36 includes many of the same features as our standard PCR Chambers, but includes nine (9) cubic feet of capacity, eight (8) adjustable interior shelves, larger HEPA filter, and extra large U.V. emiting light for increased sterilization. 

The PLAS-LABS' PCR Chambers are designed to help improve the accuracy of P.C.R. and general tissue culture procedures. The chance for air borne contamination during D.N.A. sequencing is greatly reduced.

The chambers are a “still air enclosure” which contains both our “Bright Light” illumination system and a U.V. germicidal lamp. The U.V. germicidal system is rated at 254 nm and will decontaminate all exposed surfaces in the interior. The lamp timer should be activated 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after each use. The front viewing panel and main housing are .375” (9.5 mm) thick optically clear material. This thickness helps to prolong the service life (about 2,500 operating hours) of the unit. The front viewing panel Catalog #825-UV(FS) is attached by six (6) screws and is easily and quickly replaced, if needed. Access to the interior of the chamber is gained by pulling swinging doors outward.

New self closing hinges have eliminated the need for locks. The doors are removable, therefore do not take up valuable lab counter space. If a corner door is accidently opened, proximity sensors turn off the U.V. system for operator safety.


Standard Features of the PCR Chambers:


  • “Bright Light” illumination system (40,000 hour lamp guarantee).
  • Two bright white plastic (adjustable) shelves. One is tooled to store pipettors.
  • Front panel is .375” thick (9.5 mm) for Beta Ray protection. NOTE: Not Gamma Rays.
  • Removable side access doors with slip apart hinges.
  • Proximity sensors on doors for operator safety.
  • Automatic timer to activate U.V. sterilization procedures.
  • Bottom tray has a formed in place “spill guard” for easycleaning.
  • The U.V. system is rated at 254 nm.
  • Standard 24 month warranty (Not gloves or consumables).
  • Side and back walls are one piece formed optically clear acrylic .375” thick (9.5 mm).
  • Main housing and top are removable for installation of large pieces of equipment.

    Features of the 825-PCR/HEPA/36, 36" wide PCR Chamber
  • Approximately nine (9) cubic feet of capacity.  Able to accommodate nearly 200 plates.
  • Eight (8) adjustable interior shelves.
  • Extra large U.V. emitting light for increased sterilization.
  • New larger HEPA filter and blower. 

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PCR Chamber with HEPA Filtration, 36" wide

Outside Dimensions:
25" deep x 39.5" wide x 32" high
635mm x 1003mm x 813mm

Inside Dimensions:
22.5" deep x 37.5" wide x 23.5" high
572mm x 953mm x 597mm

PCR Chamber, 36" wide

Outside Dimensions:
25" deep x 39.5" wide x 32" high
635mm x 1003mm x 813mm

Inside Dimensions:
22.5" deep x 37.5" wide x 23.5" high
572mm x 953mm x 597mm

Electrical requirements

silhouette of the united states
North American
Model Number:  825-Series
Electrical Requirements:  115-120 Volts, 60 Hz. 12 Amps
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Export Model
Model Number:  825/Exp-Series
Electrical Requirements:  220-240 Volts, 50 Hz. Amps will vary by country. 

PCR Chamber benefits



Door storage
The new PCR Chamber hood design provides easy storage when doors need to be removed, or not in use.   



Door removal
Doors are mounted on slip-a-part hinges for easy removal during research, or when front panel ( 825-PCR/36/FS) needs to be replaced.

PCR Chamber most popular accessories:

Adjustable Height Lift Table with casters


825-PCR/36/FS, Front Shield only