Automatic Anaerobic Chamber

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“One-Touch / Go Anaerobic” Glove Box This new Automatic “One Touch” Anaerobic Chamber allows one to simply press the “Go Anaerobic” button to automatically create a strict anaerobic atmosphere. It features a color operated “touch screen” for automatically creating an anaerobic atmosphere.

  • No installation.  
  • No additional accessories required.  
  • < 300 Liters of gas required to achieve a strict anaerobic atmosphere.  


Watch an informative video on the 857-Series
"One Touch / Go Anaerobic" chamber here.


Common anaerobic chamber applications


Stem Cell Research


Clostridium difficile

Cancer Cell Research

Anaerobic Research

Life Science



Standard Features of the Automatic Anaerobic Chamber:


  • One-Touch, “Go Anaerobic” button to initiate purging sequence.
  • One-Touch, on-screen data-logging with USB port for long term studies.
  • Larger touch-screen, display. 24 hour data logging.
  • Automatic pressure hold function. Pressure control maintains user selected pressure levels.
  • Automatic purging cycles for main chamber and transfer chamber.
  • Larger, easy-to-use operator touch screen.
  • Continual display of atmospheric oxygen conditions in percentage (%) and parts-per-million (ppm)
  • Oxygen display automatically switches to ppm when O2 levels is < 0.5%
  • User selectable gas; Nitrogen or Anaerobic gas mixture.
  • High and low level alarms with alarm history log.
  • Password protected Administration window.
  • Optional Rh monitoring and control.

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Inside Dimensions:
41"w x 28"d x 26"h
1,041mm x 711mm x 660mm h
Outside Dimensions: (Includes transfer chamber 12" long)
55"w x 35"d x 38" h
1,397mm x 889mm x 965mm


Oxygen Sensor Accuracy (%):
0-100.0%   ±1.0%
Oxygen Sensor Accuracy (ppm):
0-10,000.   ±1.0ppm FS
Temperature Range:
ambient to 41.0°C.      Accuracy:  ±0.5°
Gas Consumption for anaerobic achievement:    300 liters
Pressure Range:
-3" WC to +3" WC.    (-1,500 Pa to +1,500 Pa)

Electrical requirements

silhouette of the united states
North American
Model Number:  857-Series
Electrical Requirements:  
115-120 Volts, 60 Hz., 12 Amps
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Model Number:  857-Exp Series
Electrical Requirements:
220-240 Volts, 50 Hz., 4 Amps

What's Included:


Programmable Catalyst Heater unit (800-HEATER) and palladium canisters (800-PC) have two main functions; To reduce trace amounts of oxygen and maintain the correct incubation temperature level for cultivating anaerobes. Temperature range is ambient to 42.0° C.


The Palladium Canister can be rejuvenated by heating in a hot oven for three (3) hours at 450°F, (232°C).

Two (2) Palladium Canisters are included.




Easy-to-use "Touch Screen" controls with
oxygen analyzer, pressure hold function,
password protection, and chamber




Drying Train System and Pump are factory mounted and include three (3) canisters filled with molecular sieve. The drying train
system is designed to reduce moisture and trace amounts of oxygen inside the glove box.

Need a Custom Anaerobic Chamber?

PLAS-LABS' professional custom capabilities go beyond the standard isolation and containment glove box.  

Many of our Anaerobic Chambers are customized for the end-user's specific needs.  Anaerobic Chambers are developed with specific laboratory space availability.  

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857-Series "One Touch / Go Anaerobic" Automatic Anaerobic Chamber